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  • 11 - 12 February 2019
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    Space Cost Engineering Conference

    Pre-Announcement With this pre-announcement we aim to gauge the interest for a two-day conference on Cost Engineering at ESTEC, organised by ESA and CNES, enabling us to size the facilities and associated logistics. Your answer to this pre-announcement in terms of expressed interest is not committing but will be highly appreciated to help our planning process.  Location and dates: The Conference will take place on ESA/ESTEC site in Noordwijk (The Netherlands) on the 11th ...
    • Noordwijk, Netherlands
    • EN
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  • 28 September 2018
    de 09H00 à 17H00
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    Space's Industrial Control Systems Security 2nd Edition

    CYB - Cybersecurity
    This event is scheduled on september 28 th at CLS (Ramonville). To contribute or be sponsor please Contact us . The program and slides of the preceding event are avaliable  HERE
    • 11 Rue Hermès, Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France
    • FR/EN
    • Accessible by videoconference
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  • 24 - 25 September 2018
    de 09H00 à 17H00
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    «End-of-study R&D presentations on mechanisms” and “Round Tables»

    MAT - Materials
    SORRY, This event is only in french The AOCS Mechanisms - Equipment department and CNES (National centre for space studies) Materials COMET (“Community of Experts”) are organising a seminar on end-of-study mechanisms R&D presentations and round tables on various subjects.
    • Toulouse, France
    • FR
    • No videoconference
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50 to 80
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