System Engineering

SYS SYS - System Engineering
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The “System Engineering” Community of Experts (COMET SYS) combines system engineering and the space system professions that make it possible to define, design, develop and validate a complex space system in response to the requirements of the end customer.

This community covers in particular the engineering aspects (requirements, interfaces, etc.), system analyses (mission analysis and analysis of the system that has to reflect the mission requirements, risk analysis, consideration of innovations, etc.), system architectures (with compromises making it possible to optimise said systems and to demonstrate their suitability for customer requirements), validation and verification (methods, tools and means).

The “System Engineering” theme covers activities relating to Processes, Methods and Tools around the Engineering of requirements, Modelling, Simulation, Verification and Human Factors in design.

The “Space System Professions” theme covers all activities relation to Command / Control and Architecture (Mechanical and thermal, Fluid, Software, etc.).

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  • Julien Rey Julien Rey
    Spécialiste SE/MBSE
  • Maurice PONCET Maurice PONCET
    Expert Senior
  • 26 September 2024
    from 10H00 to 16H00
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    Séminaire de fiabilité informatique DTS 2024

    SIL - Computer System Architecture and Software Engineering
    1. Présentation Le Séminaire de fiabilité informatique est un lieu d’échange – entre ingénieurs et chercheurs, l’informatique et les autres disciplines, le secteur spatial et d’autres secteurs à systèmes critiques – autour de quatre exposés invités couvrant quatre thématiques : l’incertitude de localisation, l’arithmétique virgule flottante, les outils de recherche de failles de cybersécurité et les modes de défaillance liés à la programmation. 2. Programme 10h00 - 10h30 Accueil-café à la salle de Vinci ...
    • Daumesnil - salle Vinci, PARIS, France
    • CNES Toulouse - Créalab, Toulouse, France
    • FR
    • Accessible by videoconference
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  • 11 - 12 February 2019
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    Space Cost Engineering Conference

    SYS - System Engineering
    Thank you for attending the Space Cost Engineering Conference organized by .ESA TEC-S(YC) and COMET COST, which took place 11 & 12 February 2019 at ESA/ESTEC Objectives of the conference: The Cost Engineering profession in the space domain is constantly evolving, needing to keep up with new tools and methods as well as the rapidly evolving space market, space systems and services that are the subject of our cost estimates. The conference is ...
    • ESA/ESTEC , Noordwijk, Netherlands
    • EN
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  • 15 - 16 November 2017
    from 08H00 to 18H00
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    HUman DEPendability n°5

    OPS - Operations and Exploitations of Space Missions
    The aim of these HUDEP sessions is to address all of the subjects relating to the consideration of the human factor, from the design of ground and onboard systems to operational aspects and lessons learnt (feedback). Initiated by the ESA in 2009, and then organised by the CNES in conjunction with the ESA in 2011, the DLR joined the community by hosting the 3rd edition in 2013. The 4th edition, which ...
    • ESTEC, Noodwijk, Netherlands
    • EN
    • No videoconference
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