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The COST engineering COMmunity OF ExperTs aims to bring French and European players in the field together in an informal and user-friendly way. With a perspective of innovation and creativity, the group aims to address the following topics:

  • Methodology for estimating project costs and pre-projects
  • New tools, databases and capitalization methods
  • Towards new approaches: Design to Cost, feedback from industrial approaches, costs and risk taking 


The group is co-animated by CNES and ESA. It regularly organizes events (working groups, visits, workshops and seminars, ...) in face-to-face and/or videoconferencing.

You will find the events already organized in the dedicated menu.

  • Michel VAN PELT Michel VAN PELT
    ESA Head of Cost Engineering Section
  • Jean Oswald Jean Oswald
    Ingéniérie des coûts et analyses économiques
  • Frédéric MOLL
    Estimation des coûts