Electromagnetism and Microwave Circuits

ECM ECM - Electromagnetism and Microwave Circuits

The Community treats topics related to the following 3 hubs:

Antennas, Propagation and RCS* hub

  • Design, modelling and measurement of antennas and their power supply circuits.
  • Antenna production technologies and processes.
  • Free-space propagation.
  • RF measurements of materials.
  • RCS (radar cross-section) measurement.

Super High Frequency hub

  • Design, modelling and measurement of super high frequency equipment.
  • Technologies and processes for producing super high frequency functions.
  • Behavioural modelling of super high frequency equipment for system-level simulations.
  • Harmful phenomena linked to power (PIMP, Multipactor, Corona, etc.)
  • Magnetic components.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) hub

  • Problems of "radiated EMC"
    •         The "conducted EMC" aspects are treated in COMET EDB
    •         The "electrostatic discharges (ESD)" aspects are treated in COMET ENV
  • Modelling and characterisation methods for radiated EMC.
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