Orbital mechanics

ORB ORB - Orbital mechanics

The COMmunity of ExperTs in ORBital mechanics deals with all subjects relating to space vehicle trajectories.

This community aims to lead and prompt discussions on all aspects of the life of these vehicles (from launch to re-entry), from the most theoretical aspects to the most practical aspects.

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    Spécialiste géodésie
    community moderator
  • 24 June 2019
    from 09H00 to 17H00
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    User feedback in machine learning

    OPS - Operations and Exploitations of Space Missions
    USER FEEDBACK IN MACHINE LEARNING / USER-IN-THE-LOOP IN MACHINE LEARNING: Feasible or not ? CNES Experts Communities (COMET) OPS (Operations and Exploitations of Space Missions), SIL (Computer System Architecture and Software Engineering) and ORB (Orbital mechanics) organize a workshop on Machine Learning / deep learning techniques and more specifically around the problem of user feedback in these algorithms. By user feedback it is meant the ability for the user, based on his ...
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