System and Cost

S&C S&C - System and Cost

ESA TEC-S(YC) and CNES are organising a 2-day Space Cost Engineering Conference at ESA-ESTEC on February 11 and 12, 2019


The Expert Community "System and Costs" brings together two sub-communities

  • The "System Engineering" COMmunity of ExperTs (COMET SYS) encompassing the system engineering themes and the space system trades that define, design, implement and validate a complex spacel system in response to the requirements of an end customer.
  • The "Cost Engineering"  COMmunity of ExperTs  (COMET COST) dealing with general cost estimation methodologies and more specifically for their applications.


Cost Engineering is regarded as inherently linked to System Engineering; similar to the mass budget and power budget, a cost budget facilitates trade-offs at various design levels by providing awareness of cost associated with technical decisions. Cost Engineering forms a major metric for the performance of a space mission.

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