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Welcome to our new site for CNES alerts diffusion.


Component Alert Community is the tool used in CNES to ensure awareness of generic components failures. An alert is a warning concerning failures and problems that may affect more than one user, or may recur in other projects or circumstances, if no preventive actions are taken.

Available ressources

  • For the last CNES alert list, click here
  • You can also see the alerts released during the last months here.
  • On this page, you can follow datasheet modifications linked to CNES alerts.

Community system

Each member can contribute to the creation of an  alert by reporting an issue to the CNES alert Focal Point.

In case of suspicion of a generic component problem that may affect space hardware, please inform us :

Contact CAC Moderator

Confidentiality and members

Each Alert  is CONFIDENTIAL and shall not be distributed outside the registered members of the community.

This community is restricted to the CNES workers, CNES contractors and CNES partners involved in CNES space hardware delivery.

Additional information

For more information, you can download the alert system introduction available on this website. (download here)

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