Orbital mechanics

ORB ORB - Orbital mechanics
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The COMmunity of ExperTs in ORBital mechanics deals with all subjects relating to space vehicle trajectories.

This community aims to lead and prompt discussions on all aspects of the life of these vehicles (from launch to re-entry), from the most theoretical aspects to the most practical aspects.

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  • 9 - 10 February 2021
    from 12H50 to 16H15
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    Uncertainty Quantification in Orbit Propagation

    ORB - Orbital mechanics
      The COMET-ORB invites you to a virtual workshop on "Uncertainty Quantification in Orbit Propagation". It will take place on February, 9-10 in the afternoon. Registration is required: follow the link at the BOTTOM of this page "REGISTER" ! Once registered, you will automatically receive the connection details the day before the workshop (i.e. on February, 8). REM: the detailed program is available on the registration link. Uncertainty quantification (UQ) techniques, as computationally lighter ...
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