Operations and Exploitations of Space Missions

OPS OPS - Operations and Exploitations of Space Missions

The OPS Community of Experts is aimed at users and operators of operational systems as well as all those who take part in their deployment.

This group’s activities are centred around sharing experience, thoughts and proposals in the field of operations of said systems to ensure that lessons learnt (feedback) contribute to the evolution of techniques and their acquisition, to the full consideration of the human factor, to compliance with safety rules, to improvement in the service provided, to operational security and to the optimisation of ownership costs.


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  • Gérard Galet Gérard Galet
    Expert Opérations - Innovation en opérations
  • Pierre-Baptiste LAMBERT Pierre-Baptiste LAMBERT
    Ingénieur opération bord satellite
  • 24 June 2019
    from 09H00 to 17H00
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    User feedback in machine learning

    OPS - Operations and Exploitations of Space Missions
    USER FEEDBACK IN MACHINE LEARNING / USER-IN-THE-LOOP IN MACHINE LEARNING: Feasible or not ? CNES Experts Communities (COMET) OPS (Operations and Exploitations of Space Missions), SIL (Computer System Architecture and Software Engineering) and ORB (Orbital mechanics) organize a workshop on Machine Learning / deep learning techniques and more specifically around the problem of user feedback in these algorithms. By user feedback it is meant the ability for the user, based on his ...
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