Space Cost Engineering Conference

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11 - 12 February 2019
  • ESA/ESTEC , Noordwijk, Netherlands
  • EN
  • No videoconference
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Thank you for attending the Space Cost Engineering Conference organized by .ESA TEC-S(YC) and COMET COST, which took place 11 & 12 February 2019 at ESA/ESTEC

Objectives of the conference:

The Cost Engineering profession in the space domain is constantly evolving, needing to keep up with new tools and methods as well as the rapidly evolving space market, space systems and services that are the subject of our cost estimates.

The conference is to facilitate the exchange of best practices, methods, trends and lessons learned within the cost engineering community, giving opportunity to participants to demonstrate and share their work through papers and presentations on:

  • Cost modelling
  • Cost analysis
  • Affordability analysis
  • Design-to-Cost
  • Earned Value Management
  • Technical and Cost Data Acquisition and Storing
  • Cost evolution trends
  • Impact of and lessons learned from New Space approaches
  • Cost reduction vs risk taking
  • Cost engineering in feasibility studies, concept studies and running projects
  • The evolution of the cost engineer profile
  • … and related subjects.


We are pleased to provide you with the final presentations and list of participants, available for download juste above


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