Webinar on Star Trackers

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30 novembre 2021
de 08H30 à 12H00
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Robustness tests on star trackers require a closed-loop system allowing to stimulate the device with a false sky and play different scenarios including various perturbations. These on-ground tests enable to gain confidence in what the datasheets exhibit and often lead to better robustness from what is given by the manufacturer. This robustness makes it possible to consider star trackers use in survival modes, thus offering a simpler ACOS architecture. However, for missions with much higher accuracy needs, it is needed to have high accuracy star trackers.

Agenda :

  • 9h-9h45 : Robustness and closed-loop tests presentation on various star trackers by ADS
  • Use of STR in survival mode
    • 9h45-10h15 : On-going ESA/ADS study presented by ADS
    • // Break 15 min //
    • 10h30-11h : SHM on Spacebus NEO presented by TAS
  • 11h-12h : ASTRO XP high accuracy star tracker presented by Jena Optronik


Registration is now open here : https://app.livestorm.co/comet-cnes/comet-sca-webinar-on-star-trackers?type=detailed

Note that the workshop is free but the registration is mandatory.

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