Uncertainty Quantification in Orbit Propagation

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9 - 10 février 2021
de 12H50 à 16H15
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The COMET-ORB invites you to a virtual workshop on "Uncertainty Quantification in Orbit Propagation". It will take place on February, 9-10 in the afternoon.

Registration is required: follow the link at the BOTTOM of this page "S'INSCRIRE" ! Once registered, you will automatically receive the connection details the day before the workshop (i.e. on February, 8). REM: the detailed program is available on the registration link.

Uncertainty quantification (UQ) techniques, as computationally lighter alternatives to classical Monte Carlo (MC) approaches, have become increasingly popular in many fields of computer science and engineering. In the context of orbital propagation, the most popular approaches are Taylor Differential Algebra (TDA), Polynomial Chaos Expansion (PCE), and Kriging methods. Fine-tuning an UQ approach to a given orbital propagation problem typically reduces to a trade-off between targeted accuracy and computational load; yet unlike MC techniques it requires significant expertise in algebra and in the physics of the problem at hand -- most notably, the nature of the uncertainty on each of the perturbation forces affecting the orbital trajectory. This conference aims at providing a brief overview of the existing UQ methods for orbital propagation, as well as exploring recent advances in UQ in this domain of application. The nature of uncertainty in orbital problems will also be discussed, and a recent alternative to the classical probabilistic formulation will be presented. A series of CNES conferences on topic of UQ is expected to follow this kick-off event.

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