Payload & Spacecraft integration & test activities

AIT AIT - Payload & Spacecraft integration & test activities
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COMET AIT (Community of Experts on Assembly, Integration, and Testing of space systems and aerostats) is a knowledge enhancement tool and should be a source of ideas for innovation in AIT and verification. The aim of this COMET is to create, maintain, expand, and develop a network of skills and expertise in space system integration and testing activities.

The community is primarily made up of manufacturers in the field (TAS, Airbus, Latesys, etc.) or comparable fields (Continental, Renault, etc.), agencies (ESA, CNES, etc.), scientific laboratories (IRAP, Lesia, OMP, etc.), as well as any interested and motivated individuals.

This COMET is broken down into groups.

The community holds its own events or organises events with other COMETs (OPS, MAT, STR, etc.).

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    Responsable Assemblage Intégration et Test
  • Karine ANDRE Karine ANDRE
    ingénieur intégration électrique et vérification fonctionnelle