Space's Industrial Control Systems Security 3rd Edition

Community events
2 December 2019
from 09H00 to 17H00
  • B612, Toulouse, France
  • FR
  • Accessible by videoconference
  • Public
  • Sébastien PALASSE expert SSI

COMET CYB has announced an event on Launchers Operations Cybersecurity at Kourou Spaceport CSG ! More information on the event's page.

Space's Industrial Control Systems Security 3rd Ed. : Program (PDF) and presentations (ZIP-only available members) are available.


Dead line for register

Participate to the third edition of our annual meetings on "the safety of industrial systems, IoT and autonomous"

This third edition will address the following topics:

  • Threats and vulnerabilities
  • Security solutions,,
  • Convergence with IoT and embedded (drone).





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