Cybersecurity challenges and contraints on launch operations" at Kourou Spaceport CSG is postponed to a yet unknown date.
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The COMET CYB (CYBersecurity) was created in 2016. Its objective is to create conditions favourable for innovation and exchange, while bringing together the communities concerned by the topics covered by cybersecurity.

The mission of its office is to harmonise the activities and events that will be organised around the topic, and to build on lessons learnt.

The main objectives of this Community of Experts:

  • Formalise and reduce the complexity and heterogeneity of the organisational and technical approaches to information system security
  • Analyse and understand the threats in order to facilitate detection and reaction
  • Consolidate and protect operational information systems and companies
  • Improve the protection mechanisms and procedures
  • Conduct state-of-the-art research actions into information system security
  • Encourage the integration of security into space missions
  • Analyse the constraints and opportunities associated with the regulations in this area