Workshop on optical interconnects for space and aeronautic applications

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15 - 16 novembre 2022
de 08H00 à 18H00
  • Salle FFT Ligue de tennis Balma, Balma, France
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  • Arnaud DUFOUR Arnaud DUFOUR animateur

The joint CNES COMET and ISROS Workshop on Optical Interconnects for Space and Aeronautic Applications will be held in Toulouse, France from 15 to 16 November 2022.

Today optical interconnects know a growing interest for both space and aeronautics applications because of the advantage they offer over their electrical counterparts in terms of power dissipation and bandwidth. In the space sector, they are becoming mandatory to tackle the challenges associated with the increasing demand of aggregate throughput that takes place in future on-board digital processors. Beyond the Telecom processor domain, this technology is also starting to spread to offer new opportunities in the space avionic domain. The trend is the same in the aeronautics sector, where size, weight, electro-magnetic immunity and power considerations, management of high volume of data in flight and demand for more flexibility will be the next challenges to meet.

The Workshop will feature several oral presentations of 25 min questions included divided in the following sessions:

  • Digital optical transmitters, receivers and transceivers
  • Optical fibers, cables and harnesses
  • Optical connectors

Various topics will be addressed:

  • Components requirements and current performances
  • Roadmap
  • Characterization challenges
  • Qualification strategy and results
  • Reliability issues
  • Failure analysis


The aim of the Workshop is also to provide a productive and informal environment for a fruitful discussions and networking.

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