Tools to predict Single Event Effects

Les événements de la communauté
13 décembre 2022
de 08H30 à 18H00
  • NOOUS, Toulouse, France
  • EN
  • Accessible via visioconférence
  • Public

COMET-ENV is pleased to inform you that the event "Tools to predict Single Event Effects" will take place on December 13, 2022 at Toulouse. This event can also be followed online. You have to choose only one type of ticket for the day : in person (at Toulouse), or online. Tools allowing to predict the effects of ionizing particles on components as well as to calculate the rates in orbit will be presented.

Here is the schedule of the day :

8h30 - Coffee

9h00 - Introduction

9h05 - Ideal case

Session 1 : Radiation engineering tools
9h20 - OMERE
9h40 - SIMPA and METIS
10h00 - G4SEE
10h20 - 10h45 : Coffee break
10h45 - SEEU
11h05 - RAD-RAY

Session 2 : SEE modeling approaches dedicated to the design of radhard components
11h25 - TFIT
11h45 - SoCFIT

Break - Buffet

13h50 - TIARAT
14h10 - SELEST

Session 3 : SEE modeling approaches dedicated for the evaluation and the hardness improvement of space devices
14h30 - Ecorce
14h50 - 15h10 : Coffee break
15h10 - TRADCARE
15h30 - MUSCA
15h50 - PredicSEE
16h10 - DARE SET

16h30 - 16h50 : Answers to questions that have been asked throughout the day.

16h50 - 17h10 : Break

17h10 - 18h00 : Private session for presenters and COMET organizers.

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