Satellite constellations and mega constellations: challenges and consequences

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28 mai 2021
de 09H15 à 16H30
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  • Julien LAURENT-VARIN Julien LAURENT-VARIN Spécialiste géodésie

With the emergence of "New Space" and the arrival of new actors in the space industry, satellite constellations and mega constellations are becoming a reality. Hundreds and soon thousands of satellites will be orbiting the Earth…
This workshop will tackle various aspects related to constellations and mega constellations:

  • What are they designed for?
  • Which ones are already there, planned, or about to be deployed?
  • How can specific challenges be dealt with regards to flight dynamics, mission design, as well as management and operations, including collision avoidance and disposal?
  • What are consequences on the future space population and the environment?
  • How do astronomers suffer from light pollution caused by mega constellations?
  • How should national and international regulations evolve?

You will find below the final program of the workshop.

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Note: Times are French Times (CEST) = UTC + 2h

9h15 - 09h30


Welcome / introduction

09h30- 10h10

Murielle Lafaye (CNES)

Overview of present and future constellations programmes

10h10 - 11h05

Jules David (Kineis), Etienne Montagnon (CNES)

Kineis Constellation Design and Mission Analysis

11h05 - 11h20




Kate Symonds (ESA/ESTEC)

A study into Mega-Constellations Operational Complexity from Launch through to End of Life

12h00 - 12h30

Bulbul Mukherjee (ISRO)

Experience of operating in the presence of Starlink constellation and future concerns

12h15- 14h00

Lunch break


14h - 14h30

Vincent Ruch, CNES

Impact of large-constellations on the evolution of orbital population

14h30 - 15h00

Nicolas Pillet, CNES

Mini and Mega constellations: integration in the update of the technical regulation of the FSOA

15h00 - 15h40

Olivier Hainaut - ESO (European Southern Observatory)

Satellite Mega-Constellations and Astronomy: the phantom menace, or a new hope?

15h40 - 16h20

Andrew Williams, ESO (European Southern Observatory)

Policy challenges and international coordination. Searching for a regulatory solution to address satellite constellation impacts on astronomy.



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