Europa Clipper mission design

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22 juin 2023
de 10H00 à 11H00
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  • Julien LAURENT-VARIN Julien LAURENT-VARIN Spécialiste géodésie

This mini-seminar is a single presentation, this presentation will focus on the Clipper mission and will be given by S. Campagnola.

The presentation will take place in the ESOC Press Conference in Darmstadt.

For those who have access to the CNES site in Toulouse, room N250 in the GALOIS building will broadcast the seminar.

For all the others, a broadcast via livestorm is possible after prior registration 


Europa Clipper is NASA’s next flagship mission to Europa, to be launched in October 2024 on a Mars-Earth gravity assist trajectory to Jupiter. Clipper is enabled by a complex trajectory, called tour, in the Jovian system with about 50 Europa flybys. Clipper tour needs to meet more than a hundred science requirements while navigating the hard radiation environment in the vicinity of Jupiter.

This talk will present the Europa Clipper mission design, focusing on the Interplanetary transfer and tour techniques.

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