Space's Industrial Control Systems Security (First Edition)

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29 September 2017
from 09H00 to 18H00
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The event "Cybersecurity challenges and contraints on launch operations" at Kourou Spaceport CSG is postponed to a yet unknown date.
More information on the event's page.
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Seminar on Space's Industrial Control Systems Security

The space sector has always been reliant on critical control systems for its ground systems, from the launch facilities to control command centers. However, once totally isolated and based on tailored solutions, control systems are evolving towards information technologies and components over the shelf (COTS) models. As a consequence, threat models and vulnerabilities are evolving too. Manufacturers and providers have to embed cyber security in the products development lifecycle, operators have to integrate security in the building and operation process. Thanks to regulation efforts, standardization initiatives and years of cyber security experience, new solutions have emerged to secure control systems and their surroundings. Cost and time driven development projects are also key into the adoption of new solutions.

This one-day event was the occasion to investigate the advances made in control system security and solutions, with the following themes:

  • Regulations and standards evolutions,
  • Threat models,
  • Vulnerabilities,
  • Systems review and lessons learned (CNES Ariane 6 in Kourou…),
  • Tailored security solutions (Intrusion Detection Systems, Secured Gateways),


Program and slideshows (for members only) are enclosed hereafter.

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