Reccuring Cost

14 December 2016
from 08H30 to 16H00
  • CNES Paris, Paris, France
  • FR, EN
  • Accessible by videoconference
  • Public

CNES Organized a seminar about  Recurring Cost  on december 14th, 2016

The purpose was to exchange on the way to estimate the recurring costs of a future product in different industrial sectors.

Today, the industrial sectors are affected by the research of competitiveness through reduced costs without degrading the value of products or services. To face this problem, a strong emphasis is given to the Design to Costs and one of its variants, the Re-Design to Costs.

The design choices are more and more often driven by the costs. The costs engineering has become a central function oriented towards technical and economic optimization of the entire system. It is also facing the challenges of a changing environment and is not implemented uniformly in the different industrial sectors.

The space sector needs to develop a sustainable approach, which relies on structured tools and integrates the Life Cycle Cost in order to closely combine both the cost reduction levers and innovation in order to meet future project issues.

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