New challenge for NG-Ultra V&V (DAHLIA)

14 - 15 October 2019
from 09H00 to 13H00
  • IRT Saint Exupery, TOULOUSE, France
  • EN
  • No videoconference
  • Restricted access

The COMET IRE offers you, in the IRT Saint Exupéry premises in Toulouse, a workshop based on "New challenges for NG-Ultra (DAHLIA)".
This event will be a real opportunity to present DAHLIA, the state of the art, the needs of CNES and Industrial Primes for simulators.
The suppliers will present their solutions and thus to show the adequacy with the industrial needs.

Agenda is being developed. Presentations and round tables planned.

Registration is free but mandatory due to the limited number of places.

Laurent Thieblin, for the COMET IRE

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