Ionospheric effects on Satellite Positioning and Navigation Conference

21 March 2019
from 08H00 to 17H00
  • Airbus Operations SAS - Jean-Luc Lagardere factory, Blagnac, France
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  • Laurent AZOULAI community moderator

Airbus and the French Space Agency's "Satellite Positioning and Timing" Technical Skills Community (COMET PDS) had the pleasure of inviting you to a conference on "Ionospheric effects on Satellite Positioning and Navigation", held on March 21st at Airbus Operations SAS premises in Blagnac, Jean Luc Lagardere factory Toulouse, France.

Event details

The ionosphere effects on signal transmission are one of the main source of error in GNSS positioning.

In order to better understand the ionosphere consequences and the GNSS user's needs, Airbus and CNES PDS COMET organized a one-day event on this subject.

The presentations allowed a better understanding of the ionosphere from a scientific point of view:

  • Ionosphere description and its modeling;
  • Space weather activities aiming at predicting the ionosphere behavior;
  • Impacts of scintillation events.


Some users impacted by the ionosphere were also invited to present their needs and perspectives:

  • Total for an oil and gas actor point of view;
  • Airbus Group, covering all civil aerial navigation systems;
  • The French Army, represented by the Commandement Interarmée de l'Espace.


At the end of the day, a round table was organized to allow scientists and users to exchange on the broached topics.

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