Electromagnetism and Microwave Circuits

ECM ECM - Electromagnetism and Microwave Circuits
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The Community treats topics related to the following 3 hubs:

Antennas, Propagation and RCS* hub

  • Design, modelling and measurement of antennas and their power supply circuits.
  • Antenna production technologies and processes.
  • Free-space propagation.
  • RF measurements of materials.
  • RCS (radar cross-section) measurement.

Super High Frequency hub

  • Design, modelling and measurement of super high frequency equipment.
  • Technologies and processes for producing super high frequency functions.
  • Behavioural modelling of super high frequency equipment for system-level simulations.
  • Harmful phenomena linked to power (PIMP, Multipactor, Corona, etc.)
  • Magnetic components.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) hub

  • Problems of "radiated EMC"
    •         The "conducted EMC" aspects are treated in COMET EDB
    •         The "electrostatic discharges (ESD)" aspects are treated in COMET ENV
  • Modelling and characterisation methods for radiated EMC.
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  • Vincent LAQUERBE Vincent LAQUERBE
    community moderator
  • Pedro Rynkiewicz Pedro Rynkiewicz
    community moderator
  • 3 December 2019
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    ITU-R Commission 3 returns and R&D activities in propagation

    TSI - Signal and image processing
    The purpose of the animation was to present recent advances in the field of propagation of radio frequencies. For this purpose, the latest developments regarding propagation recommendations in the ITU-R for earth-space and terrestrial applications have been presented. The day was also an opportunity to present a synthesis of research activities in RF propagation conducted by CNES and its partners in recent years.  
    • Meeting - 3X Consultants, Toulouse, France
    • FR
    • No videoconference
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