Propulsion & Aérothermodynamique

P&A P&A - Propulsion & Aérothermodynamique

Propulsion & Aerothermodynamics COMET (In English Only)

The P&A COMET deals with all the topics related to atmospheric reentry, electric propulsion & chemical propulsion from the fundamental physics at play to the technology developments.

The COMET P&A will support open innovation initiatives and any activities that could foster cross exchanges between experts from space and beyond. The COMET is open to worldwide contributions.

The COMET P&A can provide logistic supply (room for meetings, webconf plateform, etc…) and sponsoring.

OIActions that could be undertook are:

  • Dissemination of information
    • Presentation of R&T activities outcomes
    • Presentation and Benchmarking of simulation tools
    • RoadMap sharing, ...
  • Set up working group to identify major topics of interest and work on it
  • Visit experimental facilities
  • Seminar, Lectures, training session



Outcomes could be

  • Cooperation with shared R&T activities, co-management of a Ph.D. thesis or of trainee, etc…
  • Publications, position paper
  • Share data base
  • Definition of a benchmark, experiment
  • Preparation of a shared Roadmap
  • Etc…





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