9th Workshop on End of Life Satellites and Sustainable Technologies

25 - 27 January 2022
  • CNES' Headquarters in Paris, PARIS, France
  • EN
  • No videoconference
  • Restricted access

COMET-ENV is pleased to inform you that the 9th Workshop on End of Life Satellites and Sustainable Technologies will take place from Tuesday January 25, 2022 to Thursday January 27 in the "Espace" room, CNES headquarters in Paris.

IADC guidelines, ISO 24113 and different national laws recommend post mission disposal measures once mission is ended. It consists in disposal of spacecraft or launch vehicle orbital stage in order to minimize interferences with the protected regions and to take measures to reduce risks of accidental break-up by removing, for example, stored energy. This aims to guarantee sustainability of space activities by reducing space environment footprint. Space operators and manufacturers implement innovative technical and operational concepts to be compliant with these requirements.

Facing the growth of the objects population in Space, it has never been more important to preserve the space environment for the next generations.

The objectives of this two-days workshop (2 half day and one entire) are to get an overview of the state of the art in technologies and concepts and discuss ways to address current and future challenges.

We invite you to deliver an oral presentation during one of the 2 sessions on the following topics:

Session 1 : End of life

         Standards & Best practices

         Post Mission Disposal concepts

         End of life Operation lessons learned

         Reentry & desorbitation concepts

         Reentry Observations

         Mission extension vs end of life

Session 2 : Sustainable Technologies

         Spacecraft reliability vs PMD Probability

         Design for Demise

         ADR Ready,


         Protecting spacecraft against micro-meteoroid

         Spacecraft Health Monitoring

         Tools, methodology, initiatives

         Environment footprint


The previous editions of this workshop were successful with each time more than 100 participants representing Administrations, Space Agencies, Operators and Industry companies. 

This workshop has no registration fee but is limited because the size of the room.  

About the organizers :

Organizer : Pierre Omaly (pierre.omaly@cnes.fr)

COMET ENV moderators : Claude Boniface / Marine Ruffenach (comet-env@cnes.fr)





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