TSI - Past events

Presentations given during past events are available to COMET TSI members only, in the "Past events archives" page.

Title of the event Date
EUCLID mission (dark energy) and associated processing, followed by the COMET / CCT-TSI General Assembly 29/03/2018
Contribution of SDR technology for space applications (with COMET PDS and EUROSAE) 08/02/2018
Signal Conversion Solutions and Rapid Products - Non-uniform Sampling (with COMET MCE) 29-30/11/2017
Workshop on spaceborne GNSS receivers (with COMET PDS and ENAC)    14/11/2017
5G and convergence of satellite/terrestrial networks       9/10/2017
Multi-temporal series of images at high revisit (with GdR ISIS)      6/10/2017
Reconstruction 3D     22-23/06/2017
Altimetry and glaciology 15/06/2017
Opening Synthesis: Optics, Microwaves, Radar 08/06/2017
Deep learning and signal processing, followed by General Assembly of CCT-TSI 26/01/2017
Electromagnetic and acoustic propagation 13/12/2016
Passive reflectometry 10 et 11/10/2016
Altimetry and Hydrology 6/10/2016
Advanced signal processing methods for navigation and localization 27/09/2016
Embedded processes for spatial imagery 08/09/2016
Technologies for 5G - spatial segment 13/06/2016
Altimetry and Glaciology 02/06/2016
Hyperspectral Imagery 18/04/2016