Design for Demise

Community events
3 October 2019
from 09H00 to 18H00
  • ISAE, Toulouse, France
  • No videoconference
  • Public
  • Aurélien HOT Expert

Event in French only

Since December 10th 2010, the Law on Space Operations (LOS) has entered into force. According to this law, any space operation carried out by a French operator must have obtained prior authorization based on compliance with the requirements defined in the associated technical regulation. Among these requirements, some are related to the choice of architecture and materials of spatial structures to limit the number and energy of fragments likely to reach the ground. Space structures must now be conceived around two antagonistic objectives:   to maintain launching environments and to facilitate disintegration on re-entry.
Presentations and round tables will be the opportunity to discuss different themes:

  • Background and issues of LOS
  • Fragmentation calculation tools
  • Study of compatible structural solutions
  • Characterization and choice of materials
  • Ground and / or flying experiences

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