Analog and mixed ASIC workshop for space applications

27 - 28 September 2016
from 08H30 to 18H00
  • CNES Toulouse - Salle Léonard de Vinci, TOULOUSE, France
  • FR
  • No videoconference
  • Public
  • Cédric VIRMONTOIS Cédric VIRMONTOIS Spécialiste

COMET OOE, MCE and ENV organized on 27 and 28 SEPTEMBER 2016 at CNES Toulouse a Analog and mixed ASIC workshop for space applications

The use of analog and mixed ASICs is often associated with the search for performance in this niche market of space applications.

Key functions include the front ends of optoelectronic detectors (but not only), such as:

  • Pre-amplifiers
  • Digital-Analog and Analog-Digital Converters
  • The complete detection chain processing the signal coming from sensors
  • The reading circuit of the infrared components

Spatial applications must respond to particular needs and constraints:

  • High performance
  • Low consumption
  • Holding the space environment
  • Low production volume

Different teams have created and produced analog ASICs, use tools, develop functions, perform the associated qualifications, some of which may be useful for others. Thus, the objectives of this workshop were to:

  • •Share analog and mixed ASIC development experiences
  • Determine the possible "communalities": tools, IP, qualifications
  • Establish collaborations between teams

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