Do the COMmunities of ExperT (COMET) concern you?

If you have expertise in one of the areas related to a community, and if you want to::

  • strengthen your skills, share knowledge and feedbacks;
  • expand your network and establish partnerships;
  • participate in community's activities;

THEN, become "Member" of a COMET

Access the COMET page for which you can enrich your expertise and APPLY to become a Member

The COMET coordinators will examine your request for acceptance and give you access to the private part of the site reserved for your community.


As a member, you :

  • be able to interact with other members of the community;
  • get involved in planning and organizing  events: contact the group leader or become a member of the office;
  • be alerted of upcoming events;
  • access the slideshows presented during the event you missed.



If you want to occasionally participate in certain activities or events but don't have time to get involved in the community:

THEN stay informed by email of the next events 

Select the COMET(s) you are interested in, and simply enter you e-mail  

abonné en

COMET activities are usually open to everyone


Program of events

Whether you are a simple visitor or a member, do not hesitate to participate in events!