Are you concerned with COMmunities of ExperTs (COMETs)?

If you have a domain expertise about one of the domain related to a community, and if you want to:

  • strengthen your skills, share knowledge and feedbacks;
  • expand your network and establish partnerships;
  • participate to the community's activities;

THEN, become "member" of a COMET.

Go to the page of the COMET for which you can bring expertise and JOIN it as a member. Join the community

As a member, you will:

  • be able to exchange with other members of the community;
  • get involved in the planning and organization of events: contact the group leader or become member of the office;
  • be alerted about the upcoming events;
  • get access to the slide shows presented at the event you missed.


Coordinators of the COMET will examine your demand for acceptation and will provide you access to the private part of the site which is reserved for your community.


If you want to participate occasionally to some activities or events but you do not have time to get involved in the community:

THEN subscribe to the newsletter of your COMET.

By doing so, you will receive email alerts in order to subscribe and participate to events. How can I subscribe? Select the COMET(s) you are interested in, and enter you email at the bottom of the page. Information will be sent to you.


how to subscribe




Usually, COMET activities are open to everyone,

Program of events

Whether you are a mere visitor, a subscriber or a member, feel free to participate to events!