About us

Automatic Control Systems

SCA COMET deals with automatic control systems of :

  • space vehicles (satellites, launchers, balloons, robotics),
  • their subsystems (actuators, sensors, pointing systems, optical payloads, antennas, etc),
  • and fleet of space vehicles (formation flying applications),


Four axes are explored :

Algorithms and methodology

  • modelling of complex dynamic systems,
  • analysis, control law synthesis and filtering,
  • system identification,
  • deterministic and random signal processing,
  • optimisation techniques,
  • simulation (software, hardware, hybrid) and validation,
  • control laws implementation (autocoding),
  • automatic control software testing. 


Guidance Navigation and Control systems (GNC)

  • controlled systems performances (trade-offs, worst case analysis),
  • controlled systems architecture,
  • fault detection isolation and recovery,
  • other systems GNC (UAV, aeronautics, robotics, etc).



  • new actuators and sensors for GNC applications


Lessons learned from flight

  • in flight architecture and performances of GNC systems